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Atulya Medilink Pvt Ltd.

We are pleased to offer product on third party manufacturing basis with standard quality, good packing and timely service. Working in sections f capsules, Tablets, Syrup, Sachet & Protein Powder.

As a third party manufacturer, we, Atulya Medilink produce Tab Caspule/Tablet in Food, Sachet Food and Drops & Dry Syrups for several multinational companies. In third party manufacturing, we process pharmaceutical goods on the behalf of other companies as per their requirements. These firms outsource their goods from our company and sell them under their respective brands in the market.

We as a contract manufacturer provides numerous advantages to the associated firms such as lower costs, access to external expertise, reduced capital and flexibility. The company is sharing effective relationships with the associates through quality product, on time delivery schedule and cost competitiveness. Most of the companies choose us as their sourcing partner because we have thorough understanding of latest manufacturing technologies. Moreover, our company not only produce & provide qualitative but also affordable pharma goods which are timely delivered.

We have 170 satisfied clients like SC Life Science, Axion Laboratories & Spark Medicare, Medley House, Novalife etc.

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